Developing a holistic marketing strategy

About Svarya

Svarya is a consulting firm that works with leading change-makers to design and implement novel solutions to social issues. Previously known as Lumen, they had built a strong reputation for their work in the development sector over 4 years with an impressive list of 20 + customers and 40+ projects. In 2020, as the team started thinking about how to showcase their work, the timing felt right to rebrand and launch as Svarya.


Brand Discovery

Website Design

Social Media

CRM & Email

Capacity Building

Our Role

Forest Street Consulting (FSC) led the following aspects of the rebranding project, working very closely with the founder:

  • Articulation of Svarya brand persona, story & positioning for target audience
  • Svarya website & social media handles (LinkedIn and Twitter)  that evokes the brand personality
  • Plan and execution of a launch campaign

FSC engaged with independent consultants to bring in expertise on specific aspects such as as design and creation of illustrations. Forest Street currently functions as the marketing arm of Svarya.


Rebranding: Brand voice, Visual identity and Visual assets

Digital footprint creation and management (Website, Social Media)

Co-creating a 360 degree marketing strategy and execute it

A Holistic Approach to Marketing 

Our team took the time and effort to understand Svarya’s business context before working on the marketing strategy. We bring an overall business perspective to the table that goes beyond campaigns and has helped Svarya with business development initiatives as well.

Focussing on building the brand foundation helped us create a digital presence that captures the hallmark of Svarya:

  1. Creative solutions with a multi-dimensional perspective on the challenges in the development sector
  2. Refreshing communication style that is non-preachy & averse to jargon
  3. Clear focus on the positive impact of the work, rather than the sombre tone of social challenges