Product strategy for public health open-source software

About Bahmni

Bahmni is a free, open-source electronic medical record (EMR) solution that makes hospital management easy and accessible to low-income groups around the world. Strategy for grant funding for Bahmni Key market segments for Bahmni Positioning Bahmni to address key market segmentsWhile the report has been specific to the Bahmni coalition, several components of the report are adaptable by other public health solutions in the context of building a long-term funding strategy aimed at expanding adoption at the country, regional or global level.


Market Research

Product Strategy

SEO Audit

Our Role

Forest Street Consulting conducted a market research study for Bahmni Coalition & OpenMRS. A key objective of the market research study was to identify global funding opportunities to expand Bahmni’s adoption in countries, particularly in Global South and Southeast Asia regions. Forest Street Consulting conducted primary and secondary research and the findings were combined to arrive at the following:

  1. Strategy for grant funding
  2. Key market segments
  3. Product positioning for target segments
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Research on global funding landscape

20+ Primary Interviews

Secondary Research

Incorporating Stakeholder Input

Insights for Other Public Health Solutions

We have documented research insights that are applicable to other public health solutions interested in funding opportunities. Here’s what can you expect from this report:

  • Overview of the global funding landscape for public health solutions
  • Insights to develop a funding strategy for public health solutions